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The Dalziel project would not be possible without funding from the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council), as well as the generous support of our project partners, The British Museum and Sylph Editions. In particular, we are grateful for the help and expertise of Sheila O’Connell, Monica Sidhu and Hugo Chapman at the Prints and Drawings department at the British Museum, and Chiara Manco, Ornan Rotem and Num Stibbe, photographers at Sylph Editions.

The project has the following outcomes:

The project is based at the University of Sussex, School of English. It is led by Bethan Stevens. George Mind was curatorial assistant, web designer and co-organiser of project events 2016–17. Laura Fox Gill has also contributed as a research and editorial assistant.

In addition to our project partners, we would like to thank staff at the Morgan Library (Reading Room and Drawings and Prints Department) for their generous help with research material from their collection, and for the excellent catalogue records of Sandra Carpenter. Similarly, thanks to Patrick Murphy at the Boston Museum of Fine Art for his invaluable help in researching the Harold Hartley collection. Finally, the project is indebted to the generosity of many colleagues at the University of Sussex, the British Museum and elsewhere, who have advised, helped and contributed, including Amelia Wakeford, Julia Thomas, Lindsay Smith, Antony Griffiths, Isabel Seligman, Beatriz Waters, Nancy Campbell, Nicholas Royle, Peter Boxall, Michael Jonik, Hannah Field, Tom Healy, Luisa Calé, Matthew Frost, David Appleyard, Esther Chadwick, Susannah Walker, Angela Roche, Sarah Vowles, Catherine Daunt, Olenka Horbatsch, Edmund King, Katharine Martin, Liz Miller, Annemarie Bilclough, Peter Smith, Simon Brett, Chris Pig, Louise Hayward, Neil Bousfield, Peter Lawrence, Maggie Storm, Richard Lawrence, Alexandra Franklin, Rob Banham, Lauren Howfield, Douglas Downing, Amelia Wakeford, Alex Peverett, Treena Warren, Hanna Randall, Fiona Courage, Richard Wragg, Karen Watson, Luisa Calè, Clare Pettitt, Laurel Brake, Mark Turner, Caroline Arscott and Michael Goodman.

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iNews, The Brothers Dalziel, woodpecking and the lost art of Victorian Illustration, by Emily Turner, 15 June 2017

Printmaking Today, ‘Contemporary Printmakers in the Dalziel Archive’, by Bethan Stevens, March 2018

Multiples, ‘These many ingenious adaptations of photography’, in two parts, by Bethan Stevens Nov 2017 and Feb 2018

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