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Sussex staff will be able to carry 10 days' over annual leave

University of Sussex staff will be able to carry over 10 days’ annual leave over the next two years as a result of Covid-19.

Staff are still encouraged to use their leave within this holiday year if they wish, taking time away from work in order to rest and support their wellbeing and resilience during this time of uncertainty.

However, they can now carry forward up to 10 days’ unused leave from 2019/20 and take it during the next two leave years.

A full list of annual leave FAQs for staff and FAQs for managers is available on our Covid-19 webpages.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Stephen Shute, said: “We recognise this has been a really challenging time for our staff. Providing this flexible approach to annual leave is important in giving people more freedom about how they wish to use their time.”

Interim Director of HR, Peter Brook, said: “Our strong recommendation is that staff do use their annual leave entitlement within the leave year, so they can rest and maintain their wellbeing. However, I know this is not ideal for everyone and at a time when we are so restricted on what we can do due to the lockdown, we want to give you the opportunity to keep your options open.”

As always, there will be times in the year when due to University priorities managers will need to ask staff to consider the timing of taking annual leave, however it is hoped that these instances are at a minimum. It will be more important that managers work with teams to ensure that any requests to book, carry forward or cancel leave are carefully managed.  All requests to take leave should be discussed and agreed with line managers in the usual way.  

The 2019/20 annual leave entitlement runs from 1 October to 30 September and holiday entitlement will be calculated pro rata for part time staff.

The move is in response to the UK Government’s guidance on use and carrying forward of annual leave by employees during and after the Coronavirus outbreak.

By: Charlie Littlejones
Last updated: Thursday, 14 May 2020