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Mass-Observation Archive

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Worktown Collection (1937-40): list of topics

The Worktown Papers are divided into various topics listed below. By clicking on one of the links below you will be taken to the associated catalogue for that topic.

Organisation of project

1 Organisation of project

Public Houses

2 Typescripts: the Pub and the People
3 Public Houses


4 Sport


5 Politics general
6 Politics manuscripts
7 Party politics
8 Political activities (Fascism, Left Book Club, Spanish Aid)
9 Municipal politics
10 Municipal Politics
11 Municipal Elections
12 Voting; Parliamentary by-election
13 Trade Unions


14 Plans for research and book on religious activities
15 Lists & descriptions of places of worship
16 Church rituals, bells, notices and yards
17 Non-Conformists, Methodists Mazdaznan, Missions & sects
18 Books
19 Church finances & social events
20 Church services
21 Sermons, processions, clergy & church personnel
22 Sermons & collections; fetes, bazaars & jumble sales; youth groups 23 Bible classes, annual events, counts & observations
24 Meetings, lectures, funerals, special ceremonies
25 Special services

Special days

26 Special days in Spring
27 Armistice Day, Coronation Day, wakes, Valentine's Day, Christmas

Money matters

28 Reports and general material
29 Shopping observations
30 Shopping, budgets, Chamber of Trade, Co-op
31 Christmas & January sales
32 Food & shopping
33 Saving
34 South Lancashire saving survey

Film & cinema

35 Cinema-going survey
36 Cinema observations

Public services

37 Byelaws, police, public health
38 Planning, housing, the Town Council, mental health


39 Background research on industry; the Co-operative movement
40 Book drafts; textile workers; collieries

Special area of Bolton study

41 Study of a small area of Bolton

Short reports

42 Assorted short reports (1)(The Wigan lasher; miscellaneous conversations and overheards; Labour exchange; general follows and day surveys; pets and RSPCA; transport; Territorial Army and drill hall; Rude stories, swearing, jokes & graffiti; the weather; Ideal Homes & Happy Homes Exhibitions; rag & bones and Irish haymaking; Happiness; life stories)
43 Assorted short reports (2) (public library; The Bolton Citizen; the Pleids Society and newspaper survey; political publications; BBC radio programme; art exhibitions; paintings and painters)

Social conditions & Housing

44 Social conditions & housing


45 Drafts of book, excursions and observations
46 Holiday competition/questionnaires

Leisure & entertainment

47 Leisure organisations & societies
48 Leisure activities, fares & dance halls


49 Children's essays: observations in schools


Wartime in Bolton

50 Churchill & Chamberlain; war talk 1938; crisis 1939-40
51 Reactions to news from Belgium & France
52 Observations in Bolton in the early months of war, 1939-40


53 General & historical material
54 Local government and tourism
55 Holidays, guest houses and hotels
56 Observations in Blackpool
57 Observations in Blackpool cont'd.
58 Side shows & amusements
59 Children
60 Book drafts on Blackpool
61 Book drafts on Blackpool
62 Book drafts on Blackpool
63 Book drafts on Blackpool

Britain revisited 1960

64 Mass-Observation returns to Bolton & Blackpool, 1960
65 Plans for Britain revisited

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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