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Mass-Observation Archive

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Worktown Collection (1937-40)

Box 48: Leisure activities, fairs and dance halls

48/A Pantomimes and shows

Programme: "Little Bo Peep", The Grand, 27.12.37

Observer accounts
"Pantomime", ts, 4pp, 1.1.[38], BB, the Grand Theatre
"Pantomime at Bolton", ts, 5pp, 6.1.[38], HH, the Grand
"Music Hall: Lido, Baradhawgate (sic), Bolton", ts, 14pp, 14.1.39, various acts, programme attached
"Little Theater (sic) Manager's speech in interval", ts, 2pp, 17.11.39, JC, programme attached
"Impressions of Lido Christmas Panto", ts, 2pp, 30.12.39, JC

48/B Carnivals, fairs and annual shows

Observer accounts
"Kearsley Carnival", ts, 6pp, 18.6.[?], THH
"Bolton Fair", ms, 12pp, 29.6.[?], JW
"The Fair", ms, 4pp, 29.6.[?], WH
"The Fair - Cycle race", ms, 2pp, 29.6.[?], WH
"Coconut Shy", ms, 4pp, 30.6.-1.7.37, JM-J
"Report on Carnival Crowd Reactions", ms, 5pp, TB
"Infirmary Carnival", ms, 5pp, 14.8.37, EL, 2 handbills attached
"Prize Giving Infirmary Carnival", ms, 10p, 14.8.37, JLW, programme attached
"Bolton Carnival", ms, 39pp, 14.8.[37], WH
"Christmas Fair: Bolton", ts, 5pp, 2.1.38, GT
"Bolton Fair", ms, 3pp, 7.1.38, follows
"Billy the Pig, the Largest Pig in the World", ts, 3pp, 8.1.38, DJ
"The Mask Freak Uka", ts, 3pp, 8.1.38, DJ
"Hot Strip Tease at the Fair at Bolton", ts, 1p, 8.1.[38], DJ
"Christmas Fair: Bolton", ts, 1p, 3.1.39, GT
"New Year Fair: Bolton", ts, 5pp, 7.1.39
"Observation Fair", ts, 4pp, [7].1.39, GW
"Fair", ts, 2pp, 7.1.39, GW
"Holiday Week Fair", ts, 1p, 3.7.39
"Bolton Buderigar (sic) and F.E. Society", ts, 6pp, 11.12[37], JW, annual show, ticket attached
"Annual Chrysanthenum (sic) Show", ts, 2pp, 19.11.37, ZB
Untitled document, ms, 3pp, about chrysanthemums

Letter from [DK] to THH, enclosing "Strip tease in the Orient", ts, 1p and a page torn from a book

"Carmen's Parisian Mysteries", ts, 17pp, [incomplete lacks p1], about strip tease

Index cards (2) ms/ts, references to the carnival

"A modern melodrama", ts, 1p, story about a father and his teenage daughter

48/C Dance halls and dances

"Mass-Observation Report on a Worktown Dance Hall", ts, 16pp, 13.2.40, AH

Observer accounts
"The Palais de Danse", ms, 1p, 20.3.37, WH
"Palais de Danse", ms, 7pp, 25.3.[37], WH
Untitled document, ms, 4pp, 25.3.[37], [WH], [lacks pp1-5]
"Palais de Danse", ms, 5pp, 29.3.[37], WH
"The Co-operative (Comrades Circle) Dance", ms, 7pp, 31.3.[37], WH
"Imps Dance in [Daly] Hall", ms, 6pp 31.3.[37], THH
"Observations of Saturday night", ms, 6pp, 3.4.37, TB
"St. Peter's and St. Paul's Dance", ms, 5pp, 3.4.[37], WH/TB
"Notes and Impressions of Bright St. Labour Club Dance", ms, 2pp, [WH]
"Palais de Danse", ms, 3pp, 13.4.[?], THH
Untitled document, ts, 1p, 28.4.[37], JS, questions put to girls the observer danced with
"Savoy Dance Hall", ts, 1p, 29.4.[37], JS
"Aspin Hall", ms, 1p, 22.5.[?], THH
"General Impressions", ms, 2pp, 13.7[37], WH, girls in the Palais
"St. Thomas's School, Halliwell", ms, 5pp, 28.8.[37], JW, dance
"Aspin Hall", ms, 4pp, 21.8.37, RP, dance
"Transport and General Workers Dance", ms, 3pp, 5.11.[37], WH
"Winter Gardens", ts, 7pp, RE, afternoon dance, index card attached
"Astoria Palais de danse", ms, 15.12.37, BW
"Nat. League of Blind Dance", ms, 2pp, 4.2.38
"Description and impressions of the Savoy Dance Hall, Deansgate", ts, 2pp, 2.3.38, JAS
"St. Patrick's Eve Dance", ms, 2pp, 16.3.38, WH
Untitled document, ms, 7pp, 2.4.38, WH, an evening with a friend, drinking and dancing
"Bolton Palais de Danse", ms, 3pp, 27.4.38
"Learners Night Palais-de-Danse", ms, 6pp, 21.6.38, WH
"Harken Night at the Aspin Hall", ms, 6pp, 13.7.38, BB
"Palais-de-Danse", ms, 2pp, 14.7.38, WH
"Palais-de Danse", ms, 12pp, 13.7.38, WH
"Empress Hall", ts, 1p, 15.7.38, JW
"Nos. for various dances", 8pp, [THH], unspecified dance hall
Index card, ms, reference to dance hall
Newspaper cutting

48/D Dance and dances halls

Observer accounts
"Astoria Palais de Danse Bolton", ts, 9pp, 18.12.39, AH, programme attached
"Palais, Bolton", ts, 2pp, 19.12.39, AH
"Spinners Hall Dance. Bolton", ts, 12pp, 30.12.39, AH
"New Year's Dance. Palais. Bolton", ts, 11pp, 1.1.40., AH
"Notice outside Spinners Hall", ts, 1p, 3.1.40,
"Manager of Palais Bolton, by Mrs Duckworth", ts, 1p, 3.1.40, AH
"Dance addresses", ts, 1p, 4.1.40, AH
"Manager, Aspin Hall, Bolton", ts, 18pp, 8.1.40, AH
"Aspin Hall. Learner's Night. Bolton", ts, 7pp, 8.1.40, AH
"Floral Hall. Bolton", ts, 5pp, 9.1.40, AH, illustrated
"Aspin Hall", ts, 1p, 10.1.40, AH, count
"Aspin Hall, Bolton", ts, 4pp, 221.40, AH
"Aspin Hall", ts, 5pp, 24.1.40, AH
"Aspin Hall", ts, 1p, 27.1.40, AH
"Aspin Hall Saturday night", ts, 3pp, 27.1.40, AH, dances and couples, conversations and overheards
"Aspin Hall Thursday night", ts, 4pp, 1.2.40, AH, dances and couples, conversations and overheards
"Aspin Hall Friday evening", ts, 4pp, 2.2.40, AH, overheards and conversations
"Aspin Hall Saturday night", ts, 3pp, 3.2.40, HN, overheards
"Dance school", ts, 1p, 4.2.40, AH, poster on door window
"Aspin Hall Tues night", ts, 3pp, 6.2.40, AH, overheards
"Aspin Hall Wed night", 3pp, 7.2.40, AH, overheards
"Aspin Hall", ts 2pp, 7.2.40, JC, overheards
"Aspin Hall. Thurs. night", ts, 2pp, 8.2.40, AH
"Aspin Hall. Sat. night", ts, 2pp, 10.2.40, AH, attendance and overheards
"Aspin Hall. Analysis of Conversation", ts, 3pp, 12.2.40, AH
"Manager. Aspin Hall", ts, 5pp, 31.5.40, AH, interview
"Palais. Bolton", ts, 1p, 1.6.40, AH
"Gala night. Aspin Hall", ts, 4pp, 27.7.40, AH

"The Aspin Hall", headed paper and envelope

48/E Band leaders and jazz

Observer accounts
Untitled document, ts, 1p, 18.12.39, AH/JC, details of a song in a snack shop
"Johnny Healey", ts, 3pp, 20.12.39, AH, interview with band leader
"Palais, Bolton", ts, 3pp, 20.12.39, AH, conversation with manager, after interview with Johnny Healey
"Musicians' Union, Bolton", ts, 11pp, 21.12.39, AH, interview with Harold Haddock, secretary of the union
"Billy Cotton", ts, 1p, 10.1.40, AH, conversation with Samuels, pianist, about Billy Cotton
"Musicians, Bolton", ts, 1p, [?].1.40, AH, conversation with Samuels, pianist at Aspin
"Jazz, Bolton", ts, 1p, 30.12.39, AH, details of notice on stall in market hall
"Bolton, jazz". ts, 1p, 3.1.40, AH, comments about people knowing the words to jazz songs
"Jazz. Empress Hall. Bolton", ts, 8pp, 6.1.40, AH, visit to hall
"Jazz", ts, 9pp, 8.1.40, JC, visit to Palais dance hall
"Jazz", ts, 4pp, 10.1.40, JC, visit to matinee dance at the Palais
"Bolton jazz. Manager Aspin", ts,2pp, 17.7.40, AH, conversation with manager

Mass-Observation Studies 1937-55

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