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Baldwin Papers

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Papers of John Lockwood Kipling

Correspondence. Letters from J.L. Kipling to

COPE CORNFORD, Mr. 2 letters 1901-[02?]. Photocopies. 1/1

PLOWDEN, Edith 11 letters [1884?-1908]. Some are illustrated. Letter of 06.07.[84] is a ms. copy and contains transcript of verse Of Birthdays by R.K. 1/2

Drawings, etc.

[Menu for R.K.'s twenty-fifth birthday]. Photocopy. 1/3

[Srinagar 11.09.1889]. Photocopy. 1/3


Certified copy of an entry of birth, 1837... General Register Office, London 26.03.1971. 1/4

Certified copy of an entry of death, 1911 ... General Register Office, London 26.05.1971. 1/4

Burials in the parish of Tisbury . Wilts. . 1911. 1/4

Printed Material

Inezilla: a romance in two chapters, by J.L.K. Reprinted from The Chameleon , Allahabad, [1873], pp. [105]-118, [61]-89. 1/5

Papers of Mrs. J.L. Kipling

Correspondence. Letters from Mrs. J.L. Kipling to

PLOWDEN, Edith 5 letters [1894?] - [1904?] 1/6

PRICE, Cormell 1 letter 1878. Photocopy. 1/7


At the Dawn. 1902. Ms. f.1. 2 copies. 1/8


Certified copy of an entry of death, 1910... General Register Office, London, 21.05.1971. 1/9

Papers of Miss Edith Plowden

Literary Works

Everyday Experiences of India by a Common-place Person. Printed. No details of publication: covers, title-page and pp. 39-77 only. 1/10

Fond Memory, 1875-1910. Ms.
1. 1875 . ff.20 1/11
2. 1875 Bombay and Rudyard Kipling's childhood. ff.31 1/12
3. 1876 H.R.H. Prince of Wales' visit to Lahore and Mr. Kipling's serious illness. ff.29 1/13
4. 1876 Memories of the Macdonald & Baldwin family at home. ff.34 1/14
5. 1876 Family history continued. Bewdley and the Baldwin family at Stourport and Wilden. Death of Rev. G. Macdonald. ff.33 1/15
6A. 1876 Family history continued and concluded. Wesleyan creed and customs. Bewdley. Death of Mrs. Macdonald. ff.21 1/16
6B.1876 banners for the durbar. ff.10 1/17
7. The Delhi durbar and proclamation 1877. ff.51 1/18
8. 1877 close of the Delhi durbar. Death of Mr. Reynolds. Alice leaves Lahore for England. ff.54. 1/19

Rudyard Kipling's Parents in India. Ts. ff.1-17. Incomplete. 1/20


[ ] Joan to Edith Plowden. 1 postcard [n.d.] 1/21

Papers of Rudyard Kipling


Will Briart's Ghost. Ms. f.1. Fragments. 2/1


By Kipling

'As one who throws earth's gold away.......' 1885. Ms. f.1. Photocopy. 2 copies. 2/2

A Ballad of Photographs. Ms. f.1. Printed facsimile. 2/3

The Front Door. 1880. Ms. f.1 2/4

'In the microscopical hinterland....' [1892]. Ms. f.2. 3 photocopies and 1 ms. copy. 2/5

Max Desmaret's his Valentine. 1884. Ms. ff.2. Illustrated. Photocopy with second copy of f.1. 2/6

'The memory of a maiden's sympathy,......' 1884. Ms. f.1. Printed facsimile. 2/7

Of Swine. 1900. Ms. f.l. Photocopy. 2/8

[A Song in a Storm. 1915]. Ms. f.1. Photocopy. 2/9

When Ollie Sings... [c. 1920?]. Ts., f 1. By R.K. and A.W.Baldwin. 2/10

By Others

BALDWIN, Mrs. Alfred The Sun God; Faith, Hope, and Love; Undying Love; A Fragment of the Cross. 1909. Ts. with ms. corrections. ff.5. Heavily revised by R.K. 2/11

M[?], M.H. To the Memory of R. K. Ts. f.1. 2/12

Other Pieces

A Celebrity at Home. Mrs. S.A. Hill at Belvidere House, Allahabad. Ms. ff.6. Photocopy. With notes by Mrs. Hill (Ms. f.1. Photocopy) and R.E. Harbord. 2/13

The Diary of the Things that Happened. 1889. Ms. ff.2. Photocopy. With related letter 08.09.1966. Photocopy. 2/14

To Certain Odd Volumes. Ms. f.1. Printed facsimile. Dedication, with related press-cutting. 2/15

Drawing, etc.

[Horse & rider]. [c.1872]. Watercolour. f.1. 2/16

Menu. f.1. 2 photocopies. 2/17


Letters from Kipling to

BALDWIN, Alfred 3 letters 1906-1907. 2/18

BALDWIN, Mrs. Alfred 1 letter [c.1872?]. Illustrated. 2/19

BALDWIN, Mrs. Alfred and MACDONALD, Edith 1 letter 1924. 2/19

BALDWIN, Arthur Windham 4 letters, etc. 1920-28. 2/20

BALDWIN, Stanley 13 letters, etc. 1878-1933. Last letter in file [n.d.] encloses: Letter from a cadi to Henry Layard, ts. f.1, copy by R.K.; and note by R.K., Opium in India, ts. f.2. File includes: Devil drawn by R.K. 29.10.1899, f.1; and note by A.W. Baldwin. 2/21

BALDWIN, Mrs. Stanley 4 letters 1914-28. 2/22

BELL, E. Moberly 2 letters, etc. 1897. Ms. copies. 2/23

CHEVRILLON, André Translation of three letters written to André Chevrillon a propos of England and the war, 1915 Ts. ff.5. 2/24

COBBE, Gerard F. 3. letters, etc. 1897. 2/25

DOUGLAS, Lady Marjorie 1 letter 1895. Ms. copy. 2/26

FIELDING, 1 letter 1919. Ms. copy. With note by R.E. Harbord. 2/27

MACDONALD, Edith 8 letters 1884-85. Typed copies. See also BALDWIN, Mrs. Alfred and MACDONALD, Edith. 2/28

OWEN, Mrs. J.A. 1 postcard 1882. Ms. copy. 2/29

PLOWDEN, Edith 15 letters, etc. 1881-1933. File includes two verses by R.K., Greeting and How it Seemed to Us. Ms. f.1. 2/30

POYNTER, Edward 1 postcard 1870. Illustrated. 2/31

POYNTER, Hugh 5 letters 1909-13. 2/32

RALLING, W.L. 4 letters 1908-16. Typed copies. File includes R.K. to Miss [J.M.?] Ralling 1 letter 1912, typed copy. 2/33

RIDSDALE, Arthur 5 letters [1898?]-1925. 2/34

TUKE, Miss 1 letter 1904. Photocopy, with ms. copy. 2/35

[ ] 1 letter [n.d.]. Fragment. Typed copy. 2/36

[ ] 1 postcard, unused. Printed in Munich c. 1899?; illustrates the Anglo-Boer war. 2/37

Letters to Kipling from

RALLING, W.L. 4 letters 1908. Typed copies. 2/38

Printed Material

By Kipling

Echoes, by Two Writers. Lahore: The Civil & Military Gazette Press, [1884]. Mrs. Alfred Baldwin's copy, inscribed by R.K. 06.09.1884. 2/39

Echoes, by Two Writers...[1884]. Miss Edith Macdonald's copy, with dedicatory verse by R.K. 2/40

Plain Tales from the Hills. Three half-title pages with inscriptions by R.K. Printed facsimiles. Annotated by R.E. Harbord. 2/41

Kipling's Message. London: W.H. Smith, [1918]. Address delivered by R.K. at Folkestone 15.02.1918. 2/42

Schoolboy Lyrics. Lahore: printed at the Civil and Military Gazette Press, 1881. 'Printed for private circulation only'. 2/43

Schoolboy Lyrics... 1881. Mrs. Alfred Baldwin's copy. 2/44

By Other Writers

DAVIS, Samuel Rudyard Kipling's Whitby Ancestors. Whitby: Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society, [n.d.] 2/45

HORATIUS FLACCUS, Quintus [Opera]. London: Pickering, 1826. Inscribed by R.K., 1917; verse on flyleaf. Returned to Lady Baldwin during visit 19.06.84. 2/46

INDO-Anglian Literature. Calcutta: Thacker, Spink, 1883. For private circulation only. Inscribed 'Kipling July 1885'. 2/47

Papers of Mrs. Rudyard Kipling

Correspondence. Letters from Mrs. Kipling to

BALDWIN, Stanley 2 letters [1915?]-38. Letter of 15.02.38 encloses note by H.I. Bell on the manuscript of Kipling's "Recessional", and letter of receipt from the British Museum 1937. 2/48

BALDWIN, Mrs. Stanley 1 letter [1915]. 2/49

LAWRENCE, Miss 1 lettercard [n.d.] Photocopy. 2/50

Papers of Mrs. J. M. Fleming (Alice Kipling)

Correspondence. Letters from Alice Kipling/Mrs. Fleming to

BALDWIN, Stanley 1 letter 1877. 2/51

CHAPLIN, E.D.W. 1 letter 1945. 2/52

PLOWDEN, Edith 3 letters 1910-[?]. Letter of 18.11.[?] is incomplete: pp. 1-5 only. 2/53



Prints in black and white or sepia in various sizes of

KIPLING, Alice 2 prints 2/54

KIPLING, John Lockwood 3 prints 2/55

KIPLING, Rudyard 3 prints 2/56

Rudyard Kipling: the Man, his Work and his World, edited by J. Gross, 1972.

Illustrations. Five black and white prints 8½x 6½in. and one coloured negative 5 x 4 in. by H. E. Jones of Gloucester, with brief notes. 2/57

Other Related Papers


AMES, C.L. to R.E. Harbord 1 letter 1967. 2/58


A note on Mrs. Hooper, by W.L. Murray Brooks. Ts. ff.2. 2/59






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