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Kipling related collections

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The decision by the National Trust to deposit the main Kipling Archive at Sussex in 1978 made the University a focus for the attention of Kipling scholars world wide. Its reputation for comprehensiveness has made the Archive a leading candidate for future additions and it has, over the years, been augmented and expanded by the addition of some judicious purchases and generous donations as detailed below.


Baldwin Papers: various items, mostly correspondence, concerning the Kipling family and including letters from Kipling to his parents and to family friend Edith Plowman

Carrington Papers: the working papers of Charles Carrington (1897-1990), Kipling’s official biographer

Dunscombe Colt Collection: photocopies of over 450 letters from Kipling to various recipients

Hollings Collection: a collection of early-edition Kipling books and published journalism

Kipling-Balestier-Dunham Letters: about 150 microfilm letters, principally from Kipling’s wife, Caroline (‘Carrie’), to her mother. They record the personal life of the Kiplings, including the military career and early death of John Kipling (1897–1915), their only son

Kipling-Beresford Letters: papers relating to George Beresford, a friend of Kipling’s at United Services College and author of Schooldays With Kipling (1936)

Kipling-Blaikie Letters: letters written by Rudyard, Carrie, their daughter Elsie and their son John to Mrs Mary Blaikie, the children’s governess, 1904–9. The letters span 1905–30

Kipling-Courtauld Letters: photographic reproductions of 29 letters from Rudyard Kipling to Samuel Augustine Courtauld (1865–1953), a philanthropist and editor

Kipling-Dunsterville Letters: letters relating to Lionel Dunsterville, another of Kipling’s friends from United Services College and the first president of the Kipling Society

Kipling-Lewin Letters: letters from Rudyard Kipling to Field Marshal Earl Roberts and his wife, and (in the great majority) their son-in-law, Harry Lewin. The letters focus on literary and military matters

Kipling-Lewis Letters: ten letters from Kipling to William Lewis, a career Army officer and acquaintance of Rudyard’s

Kipling-Parker Letters: draft letters and typescripts of stories which Miss K Parker, Carrie Kipling’s secretary, retained from her employment

Lewis Collection: material collected by a Kipling scholar from a variety of sources and including 60 letters from Kipling and four literary manuscripts

Macdonald Papers: material collected by Rudyard Kipling’s sister Alice and including papers of John Lockwood Kipling, illustrations of Rudyard’s early works, and 20 letters (some photocopies) from Rudyard to his father, to Alice and others

Trix Kipling Papers: drafts of stories and books of notebooks of poetry by Rudyard Kipling's sister. Material in the collection was the basis for the book Trix; Kipling’s forgotten sister by Lorna Lee

Tyler Gift: copies of some of the press-cuttings, correspondence and notes in the collection of Kipling scholar Matilda Jaynes Tyler




Kipling Related Collections

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