If you're teaching or presenting in a lecture room, you can use the microphone mounted on the desk or a lapel or handheld mic.

Portable microphones

Lapel and handheld microphones are stored in a secure strongbox at the front of the theatre. We're in the process of moving from a combination code to new strongboxes which you open using a Salto security card.

  • Hold your Salto card next to the sensor until it beeps
  • Turn the dial to the green position and open the door
  • At the end of the session, replace the microphone, close the door and turn the dial to the red position

Getting a card

The Salto security cards which open the boxes are used widely around the campus. Many staff already use a card to get access to buildings or secure areas.

  • If you don't already have a Salto card, contact the manager for the building where you are based (see panel) to request a new card, set up with access for the microphone boxes.
  • If you already use a Salto card, you just need to ask your building manager (see panel) to add the microphone service to your card.

Keeping your card active

The sensors in the microphone boxes are not connected to the University network and your Salto card will automatically become inactive after a few weeks if it's not detected by the card management system. To keep your card active, you need to periodically present it to one of the networked access points. The points near exterior doors are normally the best point to use but if that doesn't work for any reason, your building manager will be able to help further.

Access without a card

If you don't yet have a card and you need access to a lapel or handheld mic, call 8022 from the lecture room phone and one of our support staff will help.

Introduction in 2016

We have installed strong boxes to lecture rooms in the first part of 2016. Most lecture theatres now have the new units in place. The process has been changed because of the number of microphones that have gone missing in the last couple of years and the high costs of replacing them. For a few years we've used combination locks on boxes but that has proved to be too insecure and we need a better method.

Building Managers

Claire Penta
Arts A, B and C, Bramber House, Essex House, Fulton, Jubilee, Silverstone

Johnny Parish
Sussex House, Falmer House, Meeting House, Chichester, Arundel, Pevensey, Richmond, Shawcross

Neville Snowdon
Mantell, Freeman, JMS, Genome, Friston, BSMS, Ashdown, Hastings, CISC, Thermo Fluids, JCW