Telephone FAQs

The Telephony Modernisation project is introducing Teams Calling from September 2023, which will allow you to make and receive telephone calls using your existing Microsoft Teams software.




I'd like to have my phone calls diverted, after 5 rings, to a colleague, is this possible?

Yes it is, but it isn’t something that you can setup yourself.  You will need to email your request to detailing the extension number you want your calls diverted to.

(FAQ 2650: last updated 2 April 2014)

I work in a big office and we'd all like to be able to pick up each others phone calls, how do we set this up?

To setup a ‘pick up group’ you will need to email detailing the extension numbers that you’d like in the group.

(FAQ 2651: last updated 2 April 2014)

We'd like to make changes to our 'pick up group' what do we do?

To amend a ‘pick up group’ you need to email with details of the extension numbers you’d like to add or remove.

(FAQ 2653: last updated 2 April 2014)

We have lots of phones in our 'pick up group' and often more than one is ringing at a time. Is there a way that we can answer a specific phone?

Yes there is but you’ll need to know the extension number even if it’s part of a general ‘pick up group’

When you hear the phone ring, lift your receiver and press *3 and the extension number that you want to answer, to be connected.

(FAQ 2655: last updated 2 April 2014)

I'm a new member of staff, do I need to let the switchboard know that I have arrived?

Quite often when new staff arrive the School Administrator will have made arrangements for a new line or handset to be installed, but they may not have notified the switchboard of your extension number.  It is good practice for all new staff to call the switchboard, by dialing 01 from their handset, so that their extension number can be added to the University’s central database.

(FAQ 2656: last updated 2 April 2014)

I need to move my office telephone line, how do I arrange this?

In the first instance discuss your telephony requirements with your School Administrator. They will arrange any telephony moves on your behalf.

(FAQ 2657: last updated 2 April 2014)

How do I dial an outside line from my office phone?

If your phone allows off campus calls then you should dial 9 before the external number you are calling.


(FAQ 2658: last updated 2 April 2014)

How can I make contact with the emergency services on campus?

From an internal phone dial:

3333 for the campus Emergency Services

8234 for Security.

From a mobile phone dial:

01273 873333 for the campus Emergency Services and

01273 678234 for Security 

(FAQ 2661: last updated 2 April 2014)

Can I call the police non emergency line or NHS 111 from my office phone?

Yes you can, to call the non emergency police line lift the receiver and press #6101

To contact NHS 111, lift the receiver and press #6111


(FAQ 2662: last updated 23 February 2015)

How can I find out a University staff member's extension number?

You can access the Staff telephone directory by following the 'Staff Search' link at the top of the University’s external homepage httpp://

(FAQ 2663: last updated 2 April 2014)

Are there any Skype for Business information sheets or videos available?

Skype for Business* is available to all staff to make Skype to Skype calls*, Instant Messaging (IM) and video conferencing. (Difference between Skype and Skype for Business)


Overview of Skype for Business video

Microsoft How to Create a Skype for Business Meeting

How to Join a Skype meeting


PDF Information leaflets are available to download below

Login with your Sussex eg followed by your password

Information sheets to download

  1. Audio setup and Making calls - Call 2 or more people
  2. Contacts, presence and Instant Messaging - chat with 2 or more people, share files

  3. Meetings - schedule meetings using Outlook, share your screen/presentation, join a meeting

  4. Using Dial-in-Conferencing - allows audio dial in only via a phone

  5. Using your mobile device - download the app, use chat and meetings

  6. Video - use via a phone, from a meeting or IM chat session

  7. Collaboration - share your desktop.application and share control


When using the online version of Outlook with Office 365 you might see the Skype icon on the top right when you are in Calendar. This can be useful to check the presence of a colleague or for one to one chat. 

  1. Login to Office 365 via
  2. Open Outlook online and
  3. Use the Skype button on the top right


For information on how to install Skype for Business on your own equipment see our Skype Installation guide 

* For a majority of staff Skype calls limited to University contacts

See Also 2907 How can I see an old Skype Chat?


(FAQ 2906: last updated 26 March 2020)

A call for a colleague has come through to me by mistake, how can I transfer the call to the right person?

With the caller on the line, press the Recall/Transfer button, then dial the correct extension number.  When the extension starts ringing you can either hang up straight away or wait until the extension is answered and then hang up.

If you don't know the correct extension number, then with the caller on the line, press the Recall/Transfer button, then dial 01 to connect to the switchboard.  When the switchboard answer ask them to transfer the call to the correct person.

(FAQ 2648: last updated 2 April 2014)

I have an interview in my office and want to set my phone to Do Not Disturb, is this possible?

Yes it is, pick up the receiver and press #5 and replace the receiver.

Once activated callers will get the busy tone.

To cancel Do Not Disturb, pick up the receiver and press ##5 then replace the receiver.

(FAQ 2647: last updated 2 April 2014)

Teams Calling user FAQ

Teams Calling Header


Teams Calling user FAQ


The Telephony Modernisation project is introducing Teams Calling from September 2023, which will allow you to make and receive external phone calls through MS Teams using your existing extension number.


General Information  

How is Teams Calling different from the current MS Teams audio call?

Teams Calling uses a telephone number and a dial pad to make calls whereas the MS Teams meetings we currently use connect through an IT user account.  This means you will easily be able to make external calls to people who are not on our IT systems using a direct dial phone number.

How is it being introduced?

From early September to end October 2023 it will be introduced within each School or Division based on a migration plan.  This will be communicated to you by Change Champions for each area and full details and guidance notes will be made available.

Can I continue using Skype for Business?

Teams Calling will replace Skype for Business. Once your team has moved to Teams Calling you will no longer be able to use Skype for Business.

Can I continue using the landline on my desk?

Teams Calling will replace most existing desk-based phones.  After your team has moved to Teams Calling all personal desk-based phones will be removed. Some meeting rooms, most teaching spaces and labs will have new (digital) handsets where quick shared access is needed. 

I don't have a phone extension number, will I be able to use Teams Calling?

You will still be able to call colleagues using current MS Teams audio/video calling. However, you won’t see the dial pad and you won’t be able to make external calls using a phone number from your MS Teams app.

How do I request a phone extension number?

If you need to make external phone calls then ask your line manager to request an extension number through the IT Services Support Portal - Request a Service - Telephony.


Getting Started

How do I make a phone call through Teams Calling?

From your MS Teams home page click ‘Calls’ on the left-hand options bar. If you currently have an extension number, you will see a dial pad where you can enter the number you wish to call.

Why can't I see the dial pad?

If you have been notified that your area has moved to Teams Calling then quit and re-open the Teams app. (it may take up to two hours to show from the time that your team has been moved to Teams Calling)  If you currently have an extension number then the dial pad should appear when you click the ‘Calls’ button on the left of your MS Teams home screen. If you still can’t see the dial pad and know that you have an extension number please contact

How do I use other functions in Teams Calling?

See the Telephony Modernisation webpage for guidance on basic as well as advanced functions.

Who can I contact for help?

Each area has a Change Champion for Teams Calling and several additional people will have been trained in how to use it. If they can’t answer your query then contact

Can I use Teams Calling on my mobile phone?

You can use Teams Calling on your Teams mobile app (downloadable from the Apple App store or Google Play Store) Call quality will depend on signal strength and/or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Will Teams call history be visible on personal mobile devices?

Yes, all Teams calls made from mobile devices will be saved in the phones call history. This could vary depending on the phone model, it’s operating system and local configuration.

Can I use Teams Calling when I work from home?

Yes, Teams Calling can be used when you work from home, provided you are logged in using your Sussex credentials. 

Why is my audio quality poor?

Check your internet connect as Teams Calling relies on a standard connection speed. If you are in an area where the Wi-Fi is poor, consider plugging into a wired internet connection. An audio call requires a much smaller bandwidth than a normal Teams video call so poor audio quality should be rare.

Can I use a separate headset or microphone when using Teams Calling?

Yes, any headset or microphone compatible with your device can be used when making calls.

What if I don't have a headset?

Contact your line manager or office administrator who can request a headset through the  IT Services Support Portal - Request a Service - Telephony.

Can I make an emergency call through Teams Calling?

Making an emergency call from Teams should only be done as a last resort.

We recommend using your mobile phone to call the university emergency number 3333 or dial 999. 

I don't have my headset with me, can I still answer a call?

You can still answer a call via your computer speaker or microphone. Alternatively, you can transfer the call to your mobile, if you have the Teams app downloaded.

You can download the Microsoft Teams app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

Can I make more than one phone call at a time?

To make a second call in the background repeat the process of making the first. Note, the second call you make will automatically place the first call on hold. 

How do I record a voicemail greeting?

To configure your voicemail, click the three dots next to your icon, Settings, Calls, and Configure Voicemail. 

How do I check my voicemail?

To listen to and manage your voicemail, click on the Calls icon, then Voicemail. 

If the internet is down, will I still be able to make/receive calls?

In this unlikely event you will not be able to make or receive calls using Teams on your computer.  However, you will still be able to make calls on work or personal mobiles using your standard network rate or via the MS Teams phone app (with a 4/5G internet connection). 



I have a hearing impairment - what is available to help me use Teams Calling?

The standard headset that we will now be using is fully compatible with all MS teams accessibility functionality such as:

- Transcriptions and captions 

- Reduction of background noise through noise suppression. 



For more information please visit this Microsoft Teams support page.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please visit the ITS help page



(FAQ 2961: last updated 29 August 2023)

How do I contact the switchboard staff?

Switchboard staff can be contacted by dialling 01 from any extension on campus. They can also be contacted by sending an email to

(FAQ 2632: last updated 3 March 2014)

How can I see an old Skype Chat or meeting comments?

Skype Chat and comments entered during meetings is stored in Outlook in a folder called Conversation History depending on your settings.  

To Skype Chat save settings 

  1. Open Skype and click on the Settings cog
  2. Select Personal from the list on the left of the window
  3. Ensure there is tick next to "Save IM conversations in my email Conversation History folder"
  4. Click OK to save the settings



(FAQ 2907: last updated 18 March 2020)

My office phone appears to be dead, what should I do?

If you are unable to make calls because the line appears to be dead then email or call them, from another extension, on 01 and ask for a line test.

Do not be tempted to plug in another handset as not all handsets are the same and it is possible that by plugging in the wrong kind of handset you could damage the equipment in the exchange.

(FAQ 2659: last updated 1 April 2014)

People are ringing me but my phone isn't ringing, why?

There could be a number of reasons for this so check the following:

Is your handset plugged into the socket properly and do you have a dial tone?

Check that the ringer is switched on at the handset (if applicable)

Check the setting of the volume switch (if applicable)

Is your extension the number that you think it is?  Has anyone requested your line be changed as part of an office move?

Ask the switchboard (extension 01 from your handset) to confirm the number from which you are calling.

Is your line set to 'divert' in some way? The switchboard can advise you of this.

(FAQ 2664: last updated 1 April 2014)

I have forgotten my Voicemail PIN, what should I do?

To arrange to have your Voicemail PIN reset, email

(FAQ 2646: last updated 2 April 2014)

How will I be billed for my calls?

Bills are sent electronically on a monthly basis to Heads of Budgetary Units.

(FAQ 2635: last updated 24 February 2014)

How do I get a new fax line installed?

New fax lines can be installed internally or by BT.  For further information on how to arrange for an installation please email

(FAQ 2634: last updated 2 April 2014)

What services can I obtain from my telephone handset?

Advice regarding telephone services can be obtained by sending an email to

(FAQ 2636: last updated 3 March 2014)

Can I have a specific type of handset as I have special needs?

Special telephone handsets can be ordered.  Please email to discuss your requirements.

(FAQ 2633: last updated 3 March 2014)

How do I get a new telephone line installed for a new member of staff?

New telephone line installations can be requested, by School Administrators, by sending an email to

(FAQ 2631: last updated 2 April 2014)

I need to give my contact number to an off campus caller but how do I know if my extension is Direct Dial In (DDI)?

Direct Dial In facilities enable off-campus callers to dial an extension directly, without going through the University's switchboard. A prefix is required and this varies depending on your extension number, eg. (67) 8090

The following extensions are DDI enabled:

Extension numbers in the range 2500 - 3999 can be prefixed by (87)

Extension numbers in the range 5000 - 5999 can be prefixed by (07)


Extension numbers in the range 6500 - 7999 can be prefixed by (87)

Extension numbers in the range 8000 - 8999 can be prefixed by (67)

The following extensions are NOT DDI enabled and external callers will need to dial the University's main switchboard, 01273 606755 and ask for the extension they require:

Extensions in the range 2000 - 2499

Extensions in the range 4000 - 4999

Extensions in the range 6000 - 6499 (these extensions do not have voicemail)



(FAQ 2639: last updated 25 May 2021)

Updated on 3 July 2023