Email signature for University of Sussex Business School

This page will provide a simple template for University of Sussex Business School email signatures. Please enter your personal details into the boxes below and then follow the steps to add this signature to your emails..

If you require additional lines, for example Facebook or LinkedIn addresses, or if you have additional roles or titles that will not fit in this template, enter your basic information here first and then add any additional lines or information manually once you have copied it into in your chosen email application.

If you make manual updates to your signature, please ensure that it conforms to the branding guidelines for the Business School.

1. Personalise your signature

Enter your details:


2. Copy your signature

Click and drag from above the horizontal line to below the logo to highlight the signature and then on your keyboard, hold down Ctrl + c to copy it.

3. Update in your email program

Now go to your email program to add the signature.

Outlook for PC

  • Open Outlook and go to File and then Options
  • Click on Mail and then press the Signatures button
  • Choose New and give your signature a name, such as Sussex
  • Click into the window to update your signature and then hold down Ctrl+V to paste in your new signature
  • In the top right of the window, choose whether you want to add your Sussex signature to new messages and/or replies and forwards
  • Click OK

Outlook Web App

  • Click on Options (top right) and then See All Options...
  • Click on Settings and then press the Mail button
  • Click into the E-Mail Signature window (deleting any text that is already in there
  • Hold down Ctrl+V to paste in your new signature
  • Tick the box to Automatically include my signature
  • Add any additional information if you need to
  • Click Save

Updated on 28 January 2020