List of printers on the campus

When printing, always make sure you have selected a suitable printer. Some of the most frequently used printers for the cluster rooms on campus are shown in this table.

Please Note: Some of the printer locations in the table below are in restricted staff-only areas.


Physical Location

Arts A

Room A68
Room A104
Room A103
Room A56
HAHP School Office - A145
HAHP School Office - A25
HAHP School Office - A7
HAHP School Office - A125

Arts B

Study Area Porters Lodge
Room B223
Room B334
Room B381

Arts C

Resource Centre - C175
Room 210
Post Room - C163
Support Office - C168
Support Office - C239
Support Office - C339


Room 305
Life Science - 305
Life Science - 302
Room 315
Chemistry Library



Attenborough Centre

Main Reception

Beatrice Edgell Centre

Ground Floor

Bramber House

Room 107
Room 403
Room 403
Conference Room
Room 239
Room BH111
Housing Office
Intl' Office- 202

Brighton & Sussex Medical Sch

Plant Room - 3.16

Chichester 1 

Lab 1B
Room 0.03
Room 128
Room 202
Room 202
Georgraphy Student Space
Lab 2A - Engineering

Chichester 2

Mass Spec - 2RJ22

Chichester 3

Room 246

Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre


Counselling Services

Main Reception


Room 3.08
Room 509

East Slope

Main Reception

Essex House

Post Room - 112
EH106 - Corridor
Main Reception
Room EH207
Room G002
Room 35
Room G004

Falmer House

Room 209
Room 184

Falmer Sports Complex

Ground Floor

Freeman Centre

Room F21
F57 Open Space
Room G20
G05 - Corridor
G32 - Corridor
Room G21
School Reception

Genome Centre

Room G3.22
Room G4.19
Room G2.07


1st Floor
Sussex Abroad

Innovation Centre

Room 44

John Clifford West

Room F10

John Maynard Smith

Room 3B8
Room AB4.01
Robert Whittle Suite
Room 2B13
Room 1B01
Room 4D14
Room 5D14
School Office - 3B3


149 - Corridor
Room 284
Room 3B4
Room G23
Resource Room
302 - Corridor
143 - Corridor
Reception - PR3
Room 245

LASI (Lab of Apiculture)



Family Room
2nd Floor
Area 155
Family Room
Information Hub
Room LB29
1st Floor
Careers - 1st Floor
Area 122
Area 29 - Ground Floor
Room CS57
North Basement
Northside - Ground Floor
Main Office
Management Room - 235
New Space - 1st Floor

Media Film & Music Sch

Office - S230
Room S222

Medical Research

1st Floor

Medical Teaching


Meeting House

Room 3


Residential Campus Team

Pevensey Annex

Ground Floor

Pevensey 1

Room 2D8
Psychology - 2A13
Psychology - 2B17
Room B04
School Office

Pevensey 2

Room 4A26
MPS - 3A17
MPS - 5A42
Psychology Copy Room - 4B6
School Reception

Pevensey 3

MPS - 5C23
Office - 3C17

Richmond House

Room 3B3
4th Floor - Corridor
Room 3A1


Room 2B01
Cluster Room
1st Floor - E1-1-04
Room 1B7
Student Area - Ground Floor

Shore C

Ground Floor


Common Room - S314
Outside Room - 333
Room 339

Sports Centre

Ground Floor - OFFICE
Main Reception

Student Centre

Co Creation Desk Space
Welcome Desk

Sussex House

Management Office - SH203
2nd Floor Office - 326
2nd Floor - 300
2nd Floor - SH338
2nd Floor - SH338
2nd Floor - SH312
3rd Floor - VC Office Admin
Admissions Office
Admissions Office
Room 233
Room 327
Telecoms Office


Ground Floor - Engineering

The Keep

1st Floor

Trafford Centre

Ground Floor
Copier Room

Refilling printer paper

IT Services printers should not normally run out of paper - IT Services staff are automatically emailed when a printer tray is low on paper and all IT Services printers have at least two trays.

However, if a printer you are using runs out of paper please:

  1. Call IT Services on ext 8090 or fill in the fault reporting form
  2. Go to another cluster room and try again

Between 9am and 5pm, Monday - Friday (excluding University Minimum Service Days) someone will refill the printer as soon as possible. We also employ IT assistants who check the printers in the areas that are open at weekends: Shawcross, the Library, Pevensey 1, JMS and York House.

Please DO NOT attempt to refill the printer yourself. If necessary, move to another cluster to print your work.

Updated on 3 October 2023