List of printers on the campus

When printing, always make sure you have selected a suitable printer. Some of the most frequently used printers for the cluster rooms on campus are shown in this table.

Cluster Printer location Queue name

IT Services (Shawcross)

User Area User Area shawcross_0_01_bw shawcross_0_01_bwa3 (A3) shawcross_0_01_col (colour) mfd_student (A3 colour)
IT Suite 1
IT Suite 2
IT Suite 3


Ground floor (front) Seating area library_cs54_bw
Ground floor (centre) Stairwell mfd_pilot (multi-functional device)
Ground floor (back) Open plan area library_cs57_bw library_cs57_col (colour)
Ground floor G70 G70 library_g70_bw library_g70_col (colour)
First floor (front) First floor (front) library_154_bw library_154_col
First floor (back) First floor (back) library_155_bw library_155_col (colour)
Research hive Research hive (outside) library_206_bw


1A9 1A9 pevensey1_1a9_bw
1B4 1B4 pevensey_1b4_bw pevensey_1b4_col (colour)
1B5 1B5 pevensey_1b5_bw pevensey_1b5_col (colour)
2D8 2D8 pevensey_2d8_bw
2D9 2D9 pevensey_2d9_bw
3 3C10 3 3C10 pevensey3_3c10_bw
3 3C17 3 3C17 pevensey3_3c17_bw


Richmond 3B3 Richmond 3B3 richmond_3b3_bw richmond_3b3_bwa3 (A3) richmond_3b3_col (colour) richmond_3b3_cola3 (A3 colour)
Richmond 3B8 Richmond 3B8 richmond_3b8_bw
Richmond 3B9 Richmond 3B9 richmond_3b9_bw


Arts A104 Arts A104 artsa_104_bw
Arts B274 Arts B274 artsb_274_bw
Arts C169 Arts C169 artsc_169_bw artsc_169_col (colour)
Arts C175 Arts C175 artsc_175_bw

Other locations

Bramber House 239 Bramber House 239 bramber_239_bw bramber_239_col (colour)
Essex House (foyer) Essex House (foyer) essex_cs35_bw
Freeman Centre G14 Freeman Centre G14 freeman_g14_bw
John Clifford West F10 John Clifford West F10 jcw_f10_bw
John Maynard Smith 1B1 John Maynard Smith 1B1 jms_1b01_bw jms_1b01_col (colour)
Jubilee G23 Jubilee G23 jubilee_cs41_bw
Northfield Social centre northfield_cs81_bw
Silverstone (quiet space) Silverstone (quiet space) silverstone_cs30_bw
York House York House york_hb_bw york_hb_col (colour)

Refilling printer paper

It Services printers should not normally run out of paper - IT Services staff are automatically emailed when a printer tray is low on paper and all IT Services printers have at least two trays.

However, if a printer you are using runs out of paper please:

  1. call IT Services on ext 8090 or fill in the fault reporting form
  2. go to another cluster room and try again

Between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday - Friday (excluding University Minimum Service Days) someone will refill the printer as soon as possible. We also employ IT assistants who check the printers in the areas that are open at weekends: Shawcross, the Library, Pevensey 1, JMS and York House.

Please DO NOT attempt to refill the printer yourself. If necessary, move to another cluster to print your work.