Email subject: 2020 Payroll Calender

This fake email contains a link to a fake webmail login page.  If you enter to username and password, you are giving away your details to criminals.

The email claims that a payroll schedule is available for approval.

If you hover over the link, you can see that it leads to a non-Sussex address.

If you have followed the link and entered your details, please change your password immediately in Sussex Direct.


Sussex address

How is it harmful?

Fake payroll email with malicious link

Text of message

Dear member

Your new payroll schedule for 2019/20 is now available for approval.

Payroll-20 / 21.pdf

The approval will be permanent within the next 48 hours.

University of Sussex
Payroll Administrator

Date reported

13 January 2020

Updated on 1 January 1970