Email subject: Annual refund

This is another fake tax refund email.  It claims that you are owed £550 as a tax refund from HMRC, and contains a link.

If you follow the link, you will be invited to give away your personal information and bank details.

Almost 500 students and staff at Sussex followed the link. 

If you gave away your login details, please change your Sussex password immediately in Sussex Direct.  If you gave away your bank details, please contact your bank immediately.

IT Services will be contacting all users who followed the link.


Various, often Hotmail addresses

How is it harmful?

Fake tax refund email

Text of message

Dear Student,

As you may be aware we have been trying to send your email regarding the outstanding tax returns with value of 550.44 GBP from the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity.

Reference Code - 81930 98713

Security Number ID - 246/A897
The closing date for the deposit is: 12/28/2019 1:12:30 p.m..

PleaseComplete the money claim form
Complete carefully and ensure that everyt hing in correct so that we can refund you the amount in 4,5 working days. Thanks for your time.

Date reported

28 December 2019

Updated on 1 January 1970