Email subject: Available

Criminals are sending phishing emails to students and staff, posing as senior members of staff at the University.  They are trying to begin conversations with a simple messages like "are you on campus?".

The criminals set up single-use gmail or hotmail addresses using the name of a member of Sussex staff (generally followed by some numbers).  If you don't check the address, these emails can look genuine.

PLEASE TAKE CARE TO CHECK THE SENDER'S EMAIL ADDRESS if you receive unexpected emails.  If you begin a conversation with these criminals, they will try to convince you to send them money.

The University's email protection system, Mimecast, blocks many of these kinds of emails but single-use emails from reputable senders (like gmail) are difficult to block.  Please be vigilant.


A gmail or hotmail address made to look like Sussex staff

How is it harmful?

Criminals posing as Sussex staff, to steal money

Text of message

Are you on campus?

Date reported

5 December 2019

Updated on 1 January 1970