Reminder to staff and students returning to campus with mobile devices, Eduroam will need updating

Posted: Mon 6 Sep 2021, 9:23am.

An important security certificate change has taken place on eduroam, the University’s Wi-Fi system.

In order to ensure you maintain connectivity to eduroam, we're encouraging staff and students to re-run eduroam CAT from on their devices ahead of the change. This can be done from off-site and at any time.

If you do not re-run eduroam CAT ahead of the change, your device is unlikely to connect to eduroam.

If you have not run the eduroamCAT but have come onto campus and are unable to connect to eduroam, the advice is to connect to the sussex-wifi-setup wireless network and follow the instructions to run eduroam CAT.

Further instructions and help videos on running eduroamCAT for your device can be found here: by clicking on the icon that represents your device.

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