Don’t use your Sussex password on other sites

Posted: Wed 27 Nov 2019, 10:51am.

One of the most important things you can do for your online security is use unique passwords for each site.

You should NEVER use your Sussex password on any other sites. This is important for your own safety, and also for the safety of the University.

Following recent security research, the details of over 3,500 Sussex users were found online. While we don’t believe this includes passwords or bank details, it does include things like email addresses, geographic locations, names, phone numbers or social media profiles.

If you sign up for a service online using your Sussex email address, please ensure you haven’t used your Sussex password. If you have, please change your Sussex password now.

Criminals use clever tactics to trick you into giving away your login details. If you ever think you might have fallen for a phishing scam, or if a site that has stored your Sussex password is breached, change your Sussex password immediately and then contact the IT Service Desk.

You can find our Top 10 Tips for online security on the IT Services website.

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