Convincing phishing email, 19 November 2019

Posted: Tue 19 Nov 2019, 4:21pm.

A very convincing email that contains a phishing link has been received by many students and staff today. The email contains the text:

Yου have 1 Impοrtant message frοm Public Information Office.

There is a button marked ‘view’. If you click this button, you will be taken to a convincing copy of the Sussex website, but the URL begins with sussexlogin.blob.core

If you attempt to log in to the fake site using your Sussex username and password, your credentials will sent to the criminals who created the page.

If you suspect that you might have accidentally given away your login details, please change your password immediately in Sussex Direct and then contact the IT Service Desk.

We have requested that this site is blocked globally, and we’ve made it harder to visit the site if you’re using the Sussex network. Fewer malicious emails have been seen in Sussex inboxes since we introduced Mimecast, but unfortunately some will slip through. We are constantly working to improve the security of our systems.

Contact the IT Service Desk for support:

Visit us in Shawcross
Log a support ticket online
Call us on 01273 678090
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