Please check your inbox rules

Posted: Fri 19 Jul 2019, 3:54pm.

As announced at the end of last week, we are currently assessing and improving email security in a range of ways. The first step has been to prevent the automatic forwarding of email from Sussex addresses to non-Sussex address, which causes a range of GDPR, Intellectual Property and data security concerns.

97% of Sussex accounts are now complying with this policy, but we are continuing to look at a small number of cases where inbox rules (something you might have set up yourself) are still passing email to a non-Sussex address. If you’re one of these people, your emails are still being sent, against the University policy, and will be intercepted and deleted by our new security measures.

We apologise to anyone affected by this problem. The solution is to log in to your email account and disable or remove any rules that automatically forward your email to a non-Sussex address. This is most easily done using webmail.

  • Staff should log in and then click on Options > See all options and then click on Organise E-mail. This will show you the list of rules you have set up.
  • Students should log in to webmail and click on the Settings icon > Your App Settings (Mail), then click on Inbox and sweep rules. This will show you the list of rules you have set up.

If you have any trouble checking or disabling inbox rules, or if you have any other questions about email redirection, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Further improvements to reduce the amount of spam that we receive are expected soon.

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