Please remove old versions of Adobe software

Posted: Thu 18 Jul 2019, 3:08pm.

For licensing reasons, Adobe has directed us to remove old installations of Creative Cloud. We must uninstall all versions that are older than CC 2018.

If you were provided with these applications by IT Services for your work laptop or home computer, you will need uninstall them by the end of August.

IT Services will remove old versions from all Sussex desktop PCs and Macs (this will begin on Monday 29 July), but if you have this software on your own computer or on a Sussex laptop, please uninstall it.

You can install Adobe CC 2019 on a staff PC (using the Software Center) or Mac (using the Managed Software Center). You should remove CC 2018 first (there is a removal application in the Software Center or Managed Software Centre). This uninstaller can take up to 30 minutes to run.

Please note that CC 2019 will not work on Windows 7 staff computers. If you would like to install CC 2019, please contact the IT Service Desk and request that your computer be updated to Windows 10.

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