Ongoing Wi-Fi issues in Northfield and Kings Road

Posted: Tue 4 Jun 2019, 5:19pm.

Systems / Services Affected: Wi-Fi connections in Northfield and Kings Road residences. You’ll be able to connect, but some people are finding that their connection drops or stalls after a while.

The wired network is not affected by this issue, so if you can connect to the network port in your room via the cable provided, please do this. If you don’t have a cable, speak to staff at the reception for your building.

Date / time: This has been ongoing for at least a week

Reason for downtime: We’re working with our suppliers to understand the nature of this problem and resolve it. We have tried a number of fixes but while each one seemed to improve things for a while, they haven’t fully resolved the problem.

We’re sorry to residents in Northfield and Kings Road and we understand that this ongoing problems must be frustrating. We’re doing everything we can to solve the issue and we’ll publish further news as soon as it’s available.

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