Improvement to Google Chrome

Posted: Fri 29 Mar 2019, 9:47am.

Many of us prefer Google Chrome as a web browser. Chrome has the ability to sync your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history and other settings to the cloud, so they’re kept safe and follow you from computer to computer.

Until now, if you want to log in to Chrome on your Sussex computer to sync your information, you’ve had to log in with your personal Google account or create a new one. Both of these solutions have drawbacks.

Now, you can log in to Chrome with your Sussex credentials. If you click on the round user icon in the top right (beside the three dots icon), you can log in with your Sussex username followed by (for example, If you’re already logged in to an account, you might need to go to Add person.

You’ll be taken to a familiar Sussex login page with a dark green background photo of the Meeting House. You can enter your password there and you’ll be logged into Chrome.

When you move to a different computer, you can log in to Chrome with your Sussex credentials and see all your familiar bookmarks and other information. On your personal computer, you can add your Sussex Google account alongside your personal Google account so you can switch whenever you move from personal work to Sussex work.

For more information about Chrome profiles, see Google’s support pages.

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