Be vigilant about activity in your email account

Posted: Thu 14 Mar 2019, 5:17pm.

A few members of Sussex have contacted the IT Service Desk because they’ve noticed unexpected emails being sent from their Sussex email account, including back-and-forth conversations that they didn’t write.

If hackers have your login details they may try to assume your identity to achieve a goal. We have no reason to think that Sussex systems have been compromised. The only way that your account can be accessed is if hackers have harvested your login details - either by you responding to a phishing attack in the past, or if you’ve used the same password on another website that’s been compromised.

Along with other Universities, Sussex is being targeted by a clever phishing campaign (the emails with the red or green button).

At this time, we ask all students and staff to be more vigilant about activity in your email account. If you spot unexpected behaviour, reset your password immediately and contact the IT Service Desk.

Stay safe online - visit the ITS website and read our Top 10 Tips for online security.

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