Please log out at the end of the day, 06 November 2018

Posted: Tue 6 Nov 2018, 3:11pm.

Description of work:

To urgently address the current desktop performance issues, we have changed the way University computers connect to their home drive (N:).

If you use a University Windows desktop computer, you’ll need to log out and back in again to apply this update. We therefore recommend that you log out when you finish work for the day, ensuring you save any work before you log out. You computer will pick up the settings when you log back in tomorrow morning.

Date / time:
06 November 2018

Has this work caused disruption?
No disruption was caused by this work

Why have we done this work?
This work is in response to the impact that the storage system has caused to students and staff. We will continue our work to resolve the underlying problem with the storage system, but in the meantime this change should reduce the impact of desktop performance issues.

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