Forward Schedule of Change

The Forward Schedule of Change is managed by IT Services at our weekly Change Advisory Board, and the current schedule is available to IT Services staff only.

The Forward Schedule of Change is a list of all planned ITS Changes (maintenance, upgrades or other potentially disruptive work). It also shows any significant events at the University that are included in our Change planning process.

You can view the Forward Schedule of Change in this file:

Link to a folder on

Viewing Box Files online

When viewing Box files online, you may find that part of the page is blocked by a right hand menu. To hide this, click on the information icon.

You may also find that dates are in an American format. If so, please ensure you're logged in to Box (for example, visit and log in). All Sussex staff have access to Box.


If you have questions about the Forward Schedule of Change, or if you would like to highlight an event which IT Services should take into consideration, please contact the IT Services Change Manager.

Updated on 1 January 1970