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Installing software on IT Services Staff desktop

Computers set up by IT Services usually come with a standard set of software:

You can also install additional applications yourself when you require them. 

To install additional applications:

From the Windows button in the bottom left corner of the screen, choose All Programs and then Install Applications

Start menu showing the Install Applications option

This opens a window (see below) listing available software. To install an item, just tick the box to select it and then click Install.

Screenshot of the software centre pop-up window

Additional software available includes:

  • SPSS
  • Nvivo
  • MatLab
  • EndNote

The application can then be started in the normal way, by clicking on the Windows button in the bottom left corner of the screen and then All Programs.

To uninstall additional applications:

Software can also be removed using the Software Centre. To uninstall an item, click on the Installed Software tab, tick the box to select the item concerned and then click Uninstall.

Obtaining other software

To enquire about cost, availability, delivery and advice on procedures for obtaining specialist software, complete the form on our help pages (choose general enquiry) or contact your local IT support team for advice.

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