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Use your own computer at Sussex

Many staff and students have their own computers which they use in addition to equipment provided by the University. This page has suggestions and useful links for using your own laptop at Sussex.

Buying a computer

These sites offer discounts to Sussex students when buying new Toshiba or Dell computers:

Staff and students can also get discounts on Apple products:

Computer repairs

The IT Services helpdesk in Shawcross can give help and advice on using services provided by the University, but we don't have facilities to make hardware repairs. If your computer is faulty, you will need to take it to a specialist repair service. 



If you have a Windows PC, it's essential to make sure it has some antivirus protection. Mac owners should make sure that their devices are kept up to date using the App store. See our security page for more details.


If you're using your own computer to store University information or research data, you should ensure it's encrypted.

Kensington Locks

Kensington are a company that provide locks that are suitable for most laptops and let you secure your laptop to a desk or other immovable object. See the Kensington website for more details.

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