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Publishing information online

If you're a student or member of staff at Sussex, you can set up your own website to publish information online.

1. Setup your personal web space
If you haven't already, set up your web space on the University's server. You will be given your web address which usually looks like this: (with your own username of course).

2. Publish online
When your web space is set up, you automatically get a new folder in your personal files called public_html. Now if you want to put a file online, all you have to do is move it to your public_html folder.


For example, if you have a file called report.pdf that you want to publish online:

  • Login to a staff or student PC and click on Computer, then go to the N: drive and find the public_html folder.
  • Put the report.pdf into public_html
  • Now go to a web browser and type in the address (replacing with your own username) and you will see the file on the web.


You can put other folders into public_html if you want to keep your web space nicely organised. Then you can navigate just by using slashes in the address. For example, you might want to have a folder called documents in your public_html folder. If you move report.pdf into that folder, you would have to change the address you type into the browser:

Reaching files from home
You don't have to be on the campus to put files into your public_html folder - you can reach it along with all of your personal files using secure file transfer.

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