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Email using Apple Mail (on MacOS X)

Please note that Apple Mail is not supported by IT Services. While our staff may be able to make suggestions about using this software, we recommend that you use Outlook and/or webmail.

Add your account

  1. From the ‘Dock’ bar on your Mac desktop select the icon for Apple Mail.  Click to open Apple Mail

    Dock bar

  2. With Apple Mail open, go to Mail > Accounts from the menu bar.

    mail accounts

  3. Click on the option for Exchange to select

  4. Enter the following information:
    a.    Name – Your name
    b.    Email Address – Your (e.g.
    c.    Password – Your email password
    d.    Click Sign In

    Exchange details

  5. From the next panel select the ‘Mail’ option.  Click Done.

    Select Mail app

  6. Your Sussex email will start to appear in Apple Mail as the account is synchronised.  You may have to wait for a few minutes for all of your mail and mail folders to appear.

    blank inbox

    hour glass

    Synced inbox

created on 2010-01-01 by Soo Lyth
last updated on 2020-12-14 by Rebecca Latimer