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How to enroll Jamf onto your Mac

How to enroll Jamf onto your Mac


Only follow these instructions if you have been requested by ITS to do so 



The University of Sussex are currently working with Academia to improve the management of Apple devices while also making the sign-in experience much better for staff. All Apple devices are moving to the ‘Jamf Pro’ management platform, the industry standard for Apple device management within organisations such as ours. 

These instructions applies to the following devices: 

MacBook Pro 2018 or newer
MacBook Air 2018 or Newer
iMac 27” 2020
Mac Pro 2019
iMac Pro
Mac Mini 2018 or newer
Mac Studio

The process involves 4 key steps and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete: 

1. Back up your files and data

2. Upgrade your macOS version to Ventura 

3. Erase your Mac* 

4. Enroll Jamf and sync data back onto your Mac


*While ‘erase your mac’ might sound scary, it’s nothing to worry about. The most important thing is to follow the steps above in order so that your files are safely stored before you begin the erase process.

IMPORTANT: The enrolment of your mac onto Jamf will remove any Admin Rights you might have previously held. If you need to retain Admin rights to do your job, DO NOT progress with the enrolment steps and contact


1. Back up your files and data

Any data not backed up to your OneDrive or Box Drive is only saved locally on your device. This means that if your device is lost, damaged or stolen, the data is gone with it. Backing up your files to OneDrive or Box means you do not lose any data as it is backed up to the cloud and will be synced back down to where it was before the enrolment process. 

-         OneDrive - Back up your files (recommended)

-         Box - Back up your files 

-         Safari - Back up browser Bookmarks, History and Password

-         Chrome - Back up browser Bookmarks and Settings

-         Chrome - Back up Passwords

-         Firefox - Back up browser Bookmarks

-         Firefox - Back up Passwords

-         Edge - Back up browser Collections, Favourites and Passwords


Important: Apple's Time Machine data back up service is not supported by Jamf and should not be used as you will not be able to sync your data back onto your Mac after the reset is complete. 


2. Upgrade your macOS version to Ventura

1. Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen. 

2. Select 'About This Mac'. 

3. The window that opens includes the macOS version your device is currently on. 

4. If your Mac isn't running on Ventura then you will need to upgrade it;

a. Click the Apple icon again. 

b. Select 'System Settings' or 'System Preferences'. 

c. Click 'General' and then 'Software Update'. 

d. You may need to enter your password to begin upgrading. Avoid putting the device to sleep or closing its lid. 


See the manufacturer's instructions for more information: (Time Machine is not supported by Jamf and should not be used)  

How to upgrade to macOS Ventura

Find out your current macOS version


3. Erase your Mac

Only begin this step once you have completed steps 1 and 2. 

1. Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen. 

2. Select 'System Settings' and then click 'General'. 

3. Click 'Transfer or Reset' and then 'Erase All Content and Settings'. 

a. You may be prompted to enter your password. 

4. Review the list of items that will be removed. 

5. Sign out of your Apple ID if prompted. 

6. Click 'Erase all Content & Settings'. 


See the manufacturer's instructions for more information: (Time Machine is not supported by Jamf and should not be used) 

How to erase and restart your Mac


4. Enroll Jamf and sync data back onto your Mac

Once you have backed up, erased and restarted your device;


1. Connect to the internet either via Wi-Fi (Eduroam Wi-Fi) or with an Ethernet cable and follow the start-up prompts.

2. Log into the Jamf pop-up page using your Sussex IT credentials.

    a. E.g. and your usual password. 

      3. Read the ‘Remote Management’ information and click Continue.

      4. Your Mac will install essential apps. When all the apps have a green tick, click 'Close'.

      5. Log into your Mac. 


      To install additional software, open the Sussex Self-Service app [LINK] via the Launchpad, Spotlight or Dock. 

      - Sync files with OneDrive on macOS

      - Install Box Drive on Mac 

      See the ITS Staff page for more information on setting up your device. 



      For queries relating to Jamf contact

      For any other queries please visit the ITS Help page for guidance and Service Desk contact information. 


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