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How to hold a Sensitive Meeting Agenda Item


This FAQ provides instructions on how to hold a Sensitive Agenda item during a Committee meeting, without the item being included in the main public recording and transcript.    

If in doubt please contact the IT Service desk.


You will need 

  • The Teams Desktop Application.  
  • The Committee meeting agenda. 
  • The required attendees for the main meeting and the required attendees of the sensitive items 


How to set up

1. Schedule the Committee meeting within MS Teams, inviting all of the required attendees.

2. Once the meeting has been scheduled, open the meeting event in the Host Teams calendar.   

3. Click ‘Breakout rooms ‘at the top of the Teams event and create the number of individual breakout rooms needed for sensitive items.   If all of the sensitive items will be covered in succession, then only one room will be required. 

Teams Create Breakout Rooms

4.  After the rooms have been created, the name of the rooms can be changed to the sensitive item topic by clicking the 3 dots at the top right of each room and selecting 'Rename'

Teams Display Break Out Rooms

5. Click the ‘Assign participants’ button at the top of the page to assign users to the sensitive item rooms. If the same user will be required for multiple sensitive items, assign them to the first item and then assign them to the next item during the meeting after each item has concluded.

6. At the start of the meeting begin the recording and transcription of the meeting.

7.  The organiser can view the breakout rooms by clicking the room tab at the top of the meeting.

Teams View Breakout Rooms 

8. When you reach the sensitive item on the agenda, you may wish to identify this for the transcription.

9. To open the room, click the three dots to the right of the room name and select ‘Open room’..

Teams Open Breakout Rooms 

10. With the sensitive item room open, the organiser can join the room by clicking the three dots again and selecting ‘Join Room’.

Teams Join Breakout Room 

11. A new recording can be started for the sensitive item.

Teams Start Meeting Recording 

12. After the sensitive item on the agenda has completed, leave and close the room but do not end the recording.

13. If there is another sensitive item on the agenda, the required members can be added to the following room.

14. Upon completing every sensitive item on the agenda the committee meeting can be ended.

15. At the end of the Committee meeting the organiser will have multiple chats on their Team. One for the main public meeting and one for each of the breakout rooms. As the other members are removed from the room before the recording is stopped, they do not have access to it on the chat.

Teams Main Meeting Recording    Teams Breakout Room Recording 

16. From these multiple chats a public transcript can be created from the main meeting recording. As the recording continues while the breakout room are empty, if all members are in the sensitive room that section of the main meeting will be blank/silent. If any members remain in the main meeting during a breakout room, they will continue to be recorded. The transcript of the individual breakout rooms for each sensitive item can them be added to the main meeting transcript in the corresponding section to create a full confidential transcript.


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