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VPN guide for existing users


Please don’t follow these instructions unless you have been expressly asked to do so by the ITS team.

If in doubt please contact the IT Service desk


VPN guide for existing users


These instructions are for users who already have the GlobalProtect VPN set up on their device.

For new users please follow these instructions instead.


1. Click on the globe icon located in your applications tray.

a. Windows - You may need to click the circumflex arrow to show hidden icons.

b. Mac - Open your Launchpad or your applications list in the Finder. 

Windows application tray screenshot

2. Sign in to Global Protect using your short-form IT credentials and email password.

a. E.g. ‘ano123’ but not ‘’.

3. Select the VPN from the Gateway drop-down box.

Global Protect portal list

4. An Okta log in page will pop up in your browser.

5. Sign in to Okta using your Sussex IT credentials.

a. E.g. ''.

6. Okta will prompt you to authorise using your multi-factor authenticator app on your smartphone. Click either ‘Send push’ or ‘Enter code’ (app dependant).

a. Open the corresponding app on your phone and confirm the push notification or copy the code into the Okta page on your computer.

b. If you have not set up your MFA please follow the instructions on this page.

Okta log in page

 7. Once logged in, click the 'Click here' link on the Authorisation Complete page open in your browser. 

a. If a 'This site is trying to open...' pop-up appears, click 'Open'. 

8. You have now successfully connected to the VPN. 



For more information on Okta and multi-factor authentication, please visit the Okta - SSO page.   


created on 2023-05-12 by Benoit Sharp
last updated on 2023-06-12 by Benoit Sharp