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How to use Panopto for students and PS staff

Panopto is a video recording, organising, and sharing tool that's designed specifically for education purposes.


These instructions are for students and Professional Services staff looking to use Panopto outside of Canvas.

Academic staff should use the Panopto desktop application. Refer to the Educational Enhancement page on Panopto for more information. 


ImportantBefore using Panopto you should read through our lecture capture policy


Step Guides



How to access Panopto 

1. Open your browser and go to -

2. Your Panopto dashboard will open which is where you can begin recording or access your videos/folders. 


How to create a recording

1. Open your browser and go to -

2. Click the ‘Create’ button in the top-right corner.

3. Click 'Panopto Capture' 

4. If prompted, click ‘Allow’ on the pop-up asking for camera and mic permission.

5. Once the recording screen has appeared you will be able to change some settings;

a. Click ‘Audio’ to change the microphone input.

b. Click ‘Video’ to change the camera input.

c. Click ‘Screens and Apps’ to select either a browser tab, an application or your entire screen.

6. For information on the settings icon in the bottom-right corner please read the FAQ guide.

7. Once ready click the big red record button.

8. Click the red button again to finish the recording.

9. The following screen gives you save, edit and sharing options.


How to share a recording

1. Click ‘My folder’.

2. Hover your mouse over the recording you’d like to share.

3. Click the ‘Share’ button found next to Settings.

4. Add people to the list by searching for their name in the ‘Add people..’ field.

5. Alternatively, click ‘Copy Link’ below to then paste the URL into a message to send to your desired recipients.


How to share a folder

1. Open the folder you’d like to share.

2. Click the share icon located in the top-right corner.

3. Add people to the list by searching for their name in the ‘Add people..’ field.

4. Alternatively, click ‘Copy Link’ below to then paste the URL into a message to send to your desired recipients.

Please note: 

Users who already have access to a folder will have access to any sub-folders saved within in, to stop this;

a. Open the share setting for the sub-folder.

b. Under ‘People and groups’ click ‘Change’

c. Select ‘Stop Inheriting’


How to download a recording 

1. Hover your mouse over the recording and click 'Settings'. 

2. Select 'Outputs' tab on the left of the screen. 

3. Scroll down to the 'Video Podcast' section. 

4. Choose an image layout option from the 'Type' drop down box. 

5. Choose a video quality option if desired. 

a. The better the video quality, the larger the file size which will take longer to download/upload.

6. Click 'Download Podcast'. 


Requesting a team/department folder

If your team or department already has a dedicated folder you can ask a colleague to give you access to this.

Alternatively, you can request access or ask for a folder to be created by contacting the IT Service Desk -   Visit and click on the ‘Contact us for help’ tile to then open a ‘Request a Service’ support ticket. 


How to edit a recording

Please visit Panopto’s support site for instructions on how to edit recordings. 


Make your recording accessible

Panopto uses automatic speech recognition to generate closed captions which will be embedded directly on to your video recording.

These captions have an estimated accuracy of 70% but are critical for students who require them. Maintaining a clear and consistent pace of delivery when recording will improve the accuracy of the captioning. See how to edit or delete the ASR captions.



We recommend using Google Chrome when recording in Panopto - However if you choose to use Safari please read these instructions first. 

For more instructions please visit Panopto's support site

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please visit and click on the ‘Contact us for help’ tile to open a support ticket. 


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