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Install SPSS on your device

Before you start

On Windows devices, SPSS can be run via the Software Hub service.

To perform the installation your mac device:

  • The SPSS installer and licence key. Both of which are available on the IT Services website at (login required)
  • Admin rights on your Mac device
  • Up to date Mac operating system
  • A stable internet connection


Installing on a Mac

This has been tested up until MacOS Big Sur v. 11.2.3

  1. Double-click SPSS_Statistics_Client_Mac.pkg
  2. Click Continue when the Installer Wizard launches
  3. On the Software License Agreement screen click Continue to proceed. Click Agree to I accept terms in the license agreement
  4. On the Destination Select screen click Install to accept the default location selected by the installer (Recommended) or click Change Install Location (if required)
  5. Enter your account Username and Password and click Install Software – Note: Your computer account must have Administrator rights to proceed with the installation
  6. On the installation Summary screen, you will see a message saying “The installation was successful” click Close
  7. The SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard will start automatically, click Next to proceed
  8. On the Product Authorization screen select Authorized user license and click Next
  9. Copy and paste the SPSS authorization code for Mac from click Add then click Next
  10. Once the authorization process is complete on the Internet Authorization Status screen click Next
  11. Click Finish on the Licensing complete screen to complete the installation

You may need to restart your device after installing. 

To Launch SPSS: Click Go from the desktop top menu > Click Applications > Navigate to the IBM SPSS Statistics folder > Click SPSS *version number* Statistics


Launching the Licence Authorization Wizard manually

If you need to licence SPSS but it didn't ask for a code, or you need to enter a new licence code, please follow this guide:

  1. Click on the Start / search button (or use the shortcut on a Mac) and type in IBM SPSS Statistics *version number* License Authorization Wizard.
  2. Double click to open it. The License Authorization Wizard should then launch.
  3. Select Authorised user license and enter the authorization code for SPSS from the Sussex website, then click Next.
  4. If successful, the installer should report "Successfully processed all codes." Click Next.
  5. Click Finish. You have now completed the installation and license the authorization of your new SPSS software.


created on 2010-02-03 by Patricia O-Brien
last updated on 2022-10-27 by Mark Wilson