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Collaborate effectively when working from home

Working together, when physically separated, can initially be a challenge but there are many tools available to support effective team working: 

  • Use software to visualise projects and their requisite tasks. Microsoft Planner is included in Microsoft Office 365 and can be used to easily divide a project into tasks, allocate these tasks to individuals, and provide a collaborative space for team members to comment and ask questions. Planner does not have to only be used for teamwork, it can be an effective way for an individual to break down their own work and track progress.  

  • Use Box to share files and folders with people working on the same projects. Box supports multiple colleagues having one file open and making edits together. Combining Box with a video call can be an extremely effective way of working on a document with others. 

  • Microsoft Teams can be used to contact and share your screen with others, allowing you to all see the same screen and work on a problem together.

created on 2020-03-26 by Frank Melmoe
last updated on 2020-03-26 by Frank Melmoe