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Setting up Outlook 2016 on your Mac

Installing Microsoft Office Suite

1. Login to Office 365

2. From the top-right of the screen, click the ‘Install Office’ link and click on the top link to install the Office 365 applications onto your desktop.

3. This will start to download the Microsoft_Office.pkg – which may take some minutes to download.

4. Once downloaded install the file and follow the steps to install office.

5. You will be then asked to login to your Sussex account to activate Office 365 (e.g.

Setting Up Outlook

1. Once the applications have been installed, open Outlook 2016.  You will be able to find this in your Applications folder

2. In Outlook go to the ‘Outlook’ option on the menu and select Preferences


3. Select the Accounts option

4. You will be presented with the ‘Add Account’ panel.  Select the option ‘Exchange or Office 365’.


5. In the next panel enter your Exchange account information.

    a. E-mail address: e.g.

    b. Method: User Name and Password

    c. User name: ad_us\your username (e.g.ad_us\abc99)

    d. Password: your ITS password


6. Click Add Account

7. Select ‘Allow’ to allow the system to configure the correct settings for you.

8. Your account will then be set up with your correct information.  Close this window to get back to the main Outlook panel.

9. Wait a few minutes for your inbox and folders to update.

If you need any additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk for support 

created on 2020-03-24 by Chris Jarvis
last updated on 2020-03-25 by Chris Jarvis