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Tips when Using Microsoft Teams

Tips when using Microsoft Teams

Channels are visible to the whole Team unless they are set as a private channel

Chat is private between those who are using it. It has Meet Now as an option to enable a private meeting.


Invites  added via the Teams Calendar sends an email to all members of the Team as people are not allocated to a Channel. The exception is a Private Channel. (Chat is private and has a Meet Now option if you want a private meeting)

Use your existing Email Aliases when you book a Teams meeting via Outlook. Open the Outlook meeting, enter the email alias to invite the relevant members and click the Teams button on the Meeting invite. 

Recording meetings is possible and it is shown on screen when the meeting is being recorded but remember that people could have screen recording software or just record on their phone.

Screen sharing of your desktop or a PowerPoint Share my screen in ChatShare my screen from a meeting.

When screen sharing limit to just one application to prevent email or other pop-ups interrupting your meeting

Hide what's going on behind you with the Blur my background. While in he meeting simply click the ... from the meeting options bar and choose Blur my Background


created on 2020-03-20 by Sam Elmer
last updated on 2020-04-03 by Sam Elmer