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Tips for Skype for Business

Tips for using Skype for Business

Contact information:  From the Skype for business screen hover over the person picture (or placeholder) and see the options for Chat, call, record or Contact Card

Meetings: How to create a Skype for business meeting

  • When creating Meetings in Outlook, use the Skype meeting button to add a Skype meeting Link
  • Share my screen: Ensure you only share the application you want to share rather than the whole desktop, that ensures chat and email notifications won't interrupt your meeting
  • Comments added in the meeting will be store in your Outlook folder called Conversation History
  • Ensure your microphone and camera are off until you are ready for the meeting to commence

Chat: Information entered into a Chat box or Meeting will be stored in Outlook in a folder called Conversation History

Calls: A majority of the staff at Sussex may call other staff from the address book but are not setup to make external calls using the dial-pad. 

created on 2020-03-19 by Sam Elmer
last updated on 2020-03-23 by Sam Elmer