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Using Outlook webmail

Your Sussex Email Account

All current students have a Sussex email address in the format:

How to access it?

You can access your email account on almost any device as Outlook Web App is browser based. On any of the University’s web pages click on Email at the top of the page or open


When you login to your email you will be in the main Outlook view where you can read, create and manage your emails. The interface is very minimal in order that it looks very similar across all devices. There is a lot of white space because the app can be used on touchscreen devices. 

Email guide inbox demo

This screen is entitled Outlook and shows your Folders and Groups. To show a more traditional view click on the More button at the bottom of the Folders section.



Sending an Email 

To send an email click on "New" panel will open on the right where you can enter your text. To enter the recipients for your email type part of the address and then click Search contacts and directory. This will check your contacts plus the University directory for any matches.

 Email guide          Email guide


If there are multiple matches a list will be generated with the coloured block on the left indicating initials. Click on the matching initials.

 Email guide 7

 However this list only shows the top 20 matches and not all matches. To see more matches click on the either To: + sign on the right of the To: line and then enter the name in the Search People box and then add the person once you have found them by clicking. Once you have finished adding people click OK at the top of the screen.  To send the email click Send at the top of the composition pane. 


Calendar and Contacts

To switch to the Calendar or People (Contacts) apps Click the Office button in the top left corner and select the app you want to switch to.

 Email guide 9



There is a very powerful search facility which you can use, when you search for a word it will check email names, peoples’ names and text within emails.

 Email guide 10


Forwarding to a Personal Email Account

If you want to forward all emails to another email address, click on the settings button on the left of the screen when in the Mail app.  Select Options and then Forwarding under the Accounts section. Click Start Forwarding and follow the simple instructions.

Email guide 11             


Logging Out

To log out click on the account image and sign out.

 Email guide 12 

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