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Using Outlook on the Web

Outlook on the web is a version of Microsoft Outlook that works from your web browser and connects to your university email and calendars. It is an easy way of using your email and calendar, because there’s nothing to install or configure and you can use it from almost any web browser.

Most of you will use Outlook on the Web at least some of the time, for example, to check email when travelling. For some, there may never be a need to use anything else.  It’s available to you whether or not your computer has Microsoft Office installed.

Microsoft have produced a series of guidance videos to help you use Outlook on the Web.  This page contains links out to these videos for you.


Create and reply to email

Organize your inbox

Create a signature and automatic reply

Schedule an appointment or meeting

Create and edit a contact

Search for email, contacts and events

created on 2011-10-26 by Andy Clews
last updated on 2020-03-26 by Gemma Sturtridge