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Booking a Zoom meeting on behalf of someone else

Booking a Zoom meeting on behalf of someone else

It is possible for a University of Sussex Zoom account holder to allow another account holder to schedule meetings on their behalf. Once the privileges have been granted it is also possible to use the Outlook plug in to book the Zoom meeting - see below

This access needs to be granted in the online Zoom portal ( under the Settings (Settings, Meetings, Schedule Privilege). The nominated person will now see an additional field when booking the meeting that allows them to schedule on your behalf. When booking via Outlook it is recommended that the person booking the meeting invite the meeting owner to ensure it is added to their diary.

 Delegating access via Zoom


Further information: The alternative host option allows you to schedule meetings and designate another Licensed user on the same account to start the meeting or webinar if you are unable to. Please refer to the Zoom support page on Alternative Host for more information 

For more information on how to delegate an individual so they may schedule meetings on your behalf please refer to the Scheduling privilege Zoom support page. 

Booking via Outlook

When booking via Outlook when creating the Zoom meeting ensure you use the Schedule for drop down option to select an alternative Meeting Host.  You will also need to the Meeting Host to the Outlook invite.  When meetings are booked this way the Zoom meeting will be held in the Meeting Host account. The meeting organiser will not see this meeting in their Zoom account.


created on 2020-04-23 by Dawn Stewart
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