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I appear to have two IT Services accounts which is confusing. How can I close one?

Yes it is confusing if you have two computer accounts, (and two different email addresses), and certainly most people should only have one computer account.

Some people have been allocated more than one account, for example someone who was an undergraduate here at Sussex and is now taking a postgraduate course.

The procedure to simplify this to just one account is:

  • Use the My Accounts facility to log into the account you want to close and set the mail option so that any mail sent to that account is forwarded to your preferred account;
  • Contact the IT Service Desk in Shawcross  (email: ) and tell them the account you want to retain and the one you want to be closed, and also the email address you wish to retain;
  • Contact your School and check that they are using that mail address to contact you.

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Created by Caroline House on 30 September 2002 and last updated by Sandy Radford on 13 September 2016