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How do I manipulate or print a scope plot from Simulink (Matlab)

The menu in some Matlab/Simulink plots (scopes) or figures maybe hidden. Answer taken from the Mathworks site. For more information see Solution ID: 1-18DQB which states:

The ability to interact with Scope figure properities is not available because the handle of the Scope figure is not turned on. To turn the handle of your Scope figure on, and show the menus, type the following at the MATLAB command prompt (after opening the Scope figure):

shh = get(0,'ShowHiddenHandles');

This will allow you to manipulate your Scope figure just like any other MATLAB figure, allowing you to make changes such as:

  • Background/foreground color
  • Line color
  • Add text or a legend
  • Add a print icon
  • Print the graph

NOTE: If you wish to change the color of the line go to:

View -> Figure Toolbar

This will allow you to interactively change the graph properties.

Note that there is no method to make Scope figure properties accessible by default, i.e., you must execute the aforementioned commands.

If you do not wish to change the visibility of your Scope, then you can export your data to MATLAB and use the command SIMPLOT to plot your data from MATLAB. This will generate a MATLAB figure that will allow you to change the figure properties. For more information, type 'help simplot' at the MATLAB command window prompt.

For more general printing help see Mathwork's How do I ...:

The Technical Support Guide to Printing

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