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Why can't I see all of the output from SPSS?

  1. SPSS puts all of its output into the Output Viewer, but if individual items are too large to display it shows only the first part, with a red triangle at the bottom. To see all of the output, double-click anywhere on the output, and a new window will appear (inside the output window) with its own scroll bars. Alternatively, go to the Menus at the top of the screen and choose File > Print Preview.
  2. Tables which don't appear in full on the Output Viewer should appear in full on any printed output.

  3. Occasionally the output box isn't quite large enough to display all of the output. This is frequently noticeable in the output of the Reliability procedure, which doesn't show a Cronbach Alpha value. Click on the output to select it. A frame will appear around the output with small back squares to show where the frame can be adjusted. Click on the black square at the bottom and drag it towards the bottom of the screen.

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