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How do I leave a mailing list?

This depends on where the mailing list is hosted and who runs it. Never send an email to the list itself asking to be unsubscribed, because every member of the list will see your request and this is very wasteful and annoying to others.

There are three ways of leaving a mailing list, though for some mailing lists your ability to unsubscribe yourself may be controlled by the list administrator.

  1. Using the Web:   Go to the web page for the list.   This will be
    where listname is the name of the mailing list (for example, spongefans).   At the bottom of this page, enter your email address in the box next to the Unsubscribe or edit options button, and then click the button.
  2. Using email:  Send an email to the address (where listname is the name of the mailing list, for example spongefans, giving and put the word unsubscribe in the Subject line or the body of the message.
  3. If the above methods don't work, send an email to (for example, (this will be the administrator for that mailing list) and explain why you want to leave the mailing list. 

One of the most common off-campus mailing list services is JISCmail: to leave a list all you have to do is send a mail message to

with the message text

leave listname

(substitute listname with the name of the mailing list you want to leave)

For further details see the JISCmail web pages at

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