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What are IT Services charges?

IT Services charge for visitors to the campus, other than Visiting Fellows appointed by  Senate, faculty (admitted through Human Resources), and visiting students paying fees and holding University of Sussex Registration Cards.

The tariff below is for use by Heads of Budgetary Units when making arrangements for other visitors to campus, whether or not they are charged fees by Schools, etc. It may be reviewed at any time.

The current tariff is:

Registration Fee : £10

This includes setting up a username and a password for using IT Services systems, see below.

Fees for Use of Central IT Services

1 month: £ 30
2 months: £ 50
3 months: £ 70
6 months: £125
1 year: £215

The fee covers the use of the central IT Services, such as IT Services "general purpose" PCs, iMacs, central Unix computer, including electronic mail and access to the Internet, and also access to Sussex Direct and Study Direct if appropriate.

A limited amount of advice from the IT Service Desk /Helpdesk and printed information is covered. (Most printed information is also on-line under IT Services web pages).

These fees do not include the cost of attending any training courses.

Separate arrangements are available for conference delegates via Conference Services

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