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Can I have my Sussex email address changed?

Staff and postgraduates are entitled to a friendly email address of the form, using their given initials and family name as recorded in the central staff/student database.  Such an address is created as a matter of course for new members of staff when their IT accounts are created.  If a person changes their name, for example by marriage, we can change their friendly email address accordingly, but this is not automatic; the person would need to contact IT Services to request the change.

Undergraduate students have as their email address their Sussex username - which consists of all the initials of their name, plus a number - followed by, for example   We do not normally provide friendly email addresses for undergraduates, because most leave Sussex after three years and we cannot release their email address for re-use for at least three years after that. Friendly email addresses are therefore reserved for those who are likely to stay longer at Sussex. If a graduate re-registers as a postgraduate or becomes a member of staff, they then become eligible for a friendly email address, but as this doesn't happen automatically, they would need to contact IT Services to request a friendly email address, though they may be offered one if someone in IT Services notices that they don't have a friendly email address.

Sometimes we are asked if we can drop a person's middle initials from their email address, and have an address like as their friendly address. IT Services would not normally permit this because of the possibility of someone else arriving at Sussex with the same forename and surname but without a middle initial, who would have the greater claim to such an address and where a conflict could thus arise. We can usually however offer alternative forms of address such as in such circumstances.

Remember that even if you do have a friendly email address, you will always by definition also have an email address based on your username (for example, which will always work if used as an alternative, and both addresses will deliver to the same account.

If you qualify for a friendly email address and would like one set up for you, please contact ITS enquiries.

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