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Padlet FAQ

Who has access to Padlet?

The University of Sussex has a licence for teaching staff which allows unlimited padlets, files up to 250MB can be uploaded and there will be no adverts. Teaching staff can request a licence by emailing

There is a free version of Padlet that is available to anyone, but is limited to 3 padlets. There may also be adverts and the size of each file that can be added is limited to 25MB.


Can I download Padlet?

There is no need to download Padlet as it's an online platform. Visit the Padlet homepage


How do I use Padlet?

The following links have useful material on how to make the most of Padlet: 

- Padlet Knowledge Base

- Padlet YouTube channel

- Educational Enhancement page for teaching staff. 


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Created by Benoit Sharp on 12 March 2024 and last updated by Benoit Sharp on 12 March 2024