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How do I create a Django project?

This guide shows how to set up a Django project using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and Python from Software Hub. Python is required to run in the background to facilitate Django.

To start double click Software Hub on the desktop (any university PC) and search for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.


Launch the app and it will also install Python as a dependency.

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IntelliJ will auto run, and you will be presented with the IntelliJ Welcome screen.


 Click on Plugins. 


Select Marketplace at the top and search for Python then click ‘Install’.


Click ‘Restart IDE’.

When the app has restarted click on ‘New Project’ and now Django will be available.


To save the project to your OneDrive navigate to:

Location: C:\Users\Username\OneDrive - University of Sussex\Documents.

You should now have a Django project ready to go.


When the project is being built by Django you may have to wait until finished.

Check in the bottom right of the window.


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Created by Tim Rose on 7 September 2023 and last updated by Tim Rose on 7 September 2023