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How do I configure Thunderbird and other email apps for Modern Authentication?

Normally users should be connecting to exchange and calendar services using the Web or Outlook

However, if you have a requirement to use one of the email clients below, you need to connect using modern authentication methods. 

Instructions below for Thunderbird, Alpine and K-9 clients.


latest version 

In Thunderbird select Account Settings Tab 

  • Add Mail Account 

 Add Mail Account

  • Enter your name as you want it to appear 

  • Enter your email address in username format 

  • DO NOT enter password at this time 

  • Continue 

Fill in credentials without password 

  • Enter Incoming Server Hostname: 

  • Enter Outgoing Server Hostname: 

  • Re-Test 

After re-test

After re-test

Ports should autofill

  • Change both Connection Securities to STARTTLS
  • Change both Authentication Methods to OAuth2

Press Done

Enter Password

Alpine version 2.24 or newer (Mac & Linux)

Download the latest version from here

Latest Alpine Release Home Page (

Instructions for Configuring using Modern Authentication

K-9  version 6.200 or newer (for Android)

Download the latest version from Play Store

Instructions for Configuring using Modern Authentication

How do I update an existing Microsoft Hotmail or account to use OAuth 2.0? - Frequently Asked Questions - K-9 Mail Forum (

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Created by Steve Eastty on 7 December 2022 and last updated by Lucy Pearson on 17 July 2024