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How do take a register using the Sussex Mobile app?

A staff user guide can be found via the following link:

Which students has the functionality been rolled out to?

All taught students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate). The PIN can be generated for the following types of session: lessons, lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, workshops and seminars.

What credentials should I used to log in to Sussex Mobile?

To log in to Sussex Mobile, use your short-form username (e.g. aa123) and ITS password.

How long do students have to enter a PIN once it has been generated?

Students have 20 minutes in which to enter the PIN once it has been generated. You can regenerate the PIN once, which reopens the window for 20 minutes.

When is the best time during my lecture to record attendance?

You can choose to create the PIN at any time during your lecture, but please note that you cannot do so during the last 20 minutes of the session - this is because students may need a full 20 minutes to enter the PIN.

If your lecture is due to finish at 11.50 am, you must create the PIN by 11.29.59 am.

Please be aware that is not possible to generate the PIN outside of a teaching session and students will not be able to enter the PIN outside of a teaching session.

How can I view and amend attendance records after a lecture?

After your lecture has finished, you can view attendance records through Teaching Records on Sussex Direct. All students who have successfully entered the PIN during the lecture will be marked as ‘Present’.

Anyone who hasn’t entered the PIN will be left with a blank status. You will see options to ‘Backfill as absent N (notified)’ and ‘Backfill as absent’ – clicking either of these buttons will immediately backfill all students who have blank statuses.

I can’t see my expected teaching session - what should I do?

If you are also a student, you may have two attendance tiles: a student tile and a staff tile. To ensure you can generate the PIN for your teaching session, you will need to ensure that you select the ‘staff’ tile.

What if I have problems using the system?

If you have trouble accessing the app through your phone or tablet, you should use the PC in the teaching room to use the browser version. This can be accessed via                                                                                    

What if my students have problems using the system?

Students should be advised to first look at the students FAQs (if they have not yet done so) which can be found at These provide answers to a number of common questions about the functionality.

If a student is present, but has problems entering the PIN or accessing the app, they will need to contact you after teaching has finished and you will be able to update their status manually in Sussex Direct. You should also prompt them to let you know if you they have any issues and record their names during teaching, if possible.

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