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How do log my attendance using the Sussex Mobile app?

What credentials should I used to log in to Sussex Mobile?

To log in to Sussex Mobile, use your short-form username (e.g. aa123) and ITS password.

I can’t see my expected teaching session - what should I do?

If you are also a tutor, you may have two attendance tiles: a student tile and a staff tile. To ensure you can enter the PIN for your teaching session, you will need to ensure that you select the ‘student’ tile.

If you are not also a tutor, contact your school office who will be able to check which modules you are registered against.

How do I log my attendance for the session?

When your teaching session has started, click on the student attendance tile within the Sussex Mobile app and then the session that you are in. Your tutor will verbally give you a four digit PIN at some point during the session and you will have a maximum of 20 minutes in which to enter and submit the PIN.

If the PIN has been entered correctly and within the window, your attendance at the lecture will be logged.

I have missed the window to enter the PIN – what should I do?

The PIN cannot be entered more than 20 minutes after it has been generated. If you have the missed the window or were unable to enter the PIN for any other reason, please let your tutor know and they will be able to log your attendance manually. Alternatively, contact your school office if you have any concerns that your attendance has not been captured.

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